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  1. 20 Jan 2015

    Funddy is for everybody

    Throughout this year and a half we have been working to create the easiest way to raise money.

    In our way, and thanks to the valuable feedback you have sent us while creating your campaigns, we have discovered that many organizations ask us for fee-free non-profit campaigns. We have made a close follow-up to all the campaigns has been quite an experience. After a long process we have come to a powerful conclussion: Funddy needs to be for everybody. We are unable to use words to explain how proud it feels when it comes to helping other people. We have come across really emotive stories, from the most dramatic to the everyday action. There is social attitude in the campaigns, willing to change the world for the better, something we were not expecting, but something we understand because you have made us yours.

    Today we are making our most radical bet so far: remove every single plan and fee. Funddy settles as a service for everybody, free and secure.

    Like many other entrepreneurs around the globe, we want to make the world a better place, and be part of this change. This is why, today, Funddy is for everybody. Our best reward would be to be more widely used, to share your excitement with your friends and family. To make Funddy reach every corner in the planet with no need to buzz, just being there for its best virtue, being there for raising money for anything you may need.

    We expect your support. We are motivated to make Funddy belong to everyone and, starting today, using it, on top of being useful and fun, being also absolutely free. Let’s hope your 2015 birthday, your birthday sweepstake, your summer party and any other event that needs some communication and funds management hub usses Funddy as it’s best ally. You’ll have the money and you’ll be connected with your people.

    Happy 2015 to our more than 2000 users. We hope to beat our 1400 campaigns from 2014.

    Thank you all, we are counting on your support!

  2. 19 Aug 2013

    Raise money in group (for everything), Easy!


    Here you have it, your new crewfunding site. The service that enables you to gather the money from your friends, family or work partners for those things that come across your head.

    This is our goal: When you think of something that needs money from different people, from now on, you have the option: Do we funddy?

    We have worked in all the product lines in order to improve and adapt better to our idea of close tool, easy, secure and simple.

    So, we are presenting the first changes to you:

    1. Plans for everything, for everybody.
    2. Design and functionality.

    But this is not it, we are getting much more things ready. Among them a PRO version that will be awesome and we’re sure you’ll love, because it has everything you have asked for.

    We are also working on two things that will make us to be even closer to you. A mobile version of Funddy and a new plan, dedicated to those of you who have your e-commerce business. We believe this last thing is going to be a big contribution to group payments.

    Now it’s time to try it. Don't be afraid of thinking about it. Just take advante of the fact that Funddy already exists and set up that weekend party, gather together the family for grandpa’s gift, prepare your charitable event... you have tons of reasons to use it, but you need just one to understand why you need it.

    Try it now!

  3. 14 Aug 2013

    Ready, Steady…


    Hi again, this is the last call for the Funddy users. Next station, new funddy.

    We are quite anxious and we want you to know. After lots of hour of work, dealing with customer journey, UX and many other product development tasks, we are, at last, ready to release something we feel really proud of.

    New Funddy, alike many big products cliché, keeps the best of it’s older version (security and speed) and improves, counting on your suggestions, the key factor: OPEN.

    We are ready to deliver, within the following days, a new version of Funddy which we believe will make lots of people happy. A much closer Funddy, meant to be the tool that really solves your group payments. We think we have met of our current and future users use cases. We have tried to build a tool based on the power of the social circles (friends, fools & family), which is part of our everyday life. We are confident on the power that Crowdfunding has, but when it comes to personal funding, the power is in the circles. They will be the first to help us, to join us in our holidays or supporting our cause. We know that for starting a business, creating products and supporting organisations there are two ways: big amounts of anonymous people or big amounts of people that know each others. One is the base of the Crowdfunding and the other one is our way: crewfunding.

    We believe Funddy is born to help you, with your personal stuff, or professional ones, being the tool that perfectly fits, not being too simple and not being too complex. It just fits your needs. And, what is most important, it’s both capable of giving you the same results while making your dream come true and when it comes to paying for the christmas dinner.

    And how do we make all this possible with one single service?

    Well, you’ll have to wait a few hours, or imagine it while it arrives.

  4. 27 Jun 2013

    We are cooking

    Quite a long time ago (almost a month) we have not given people anything to talk about. And the reason is we are cooking an order.

    Yes, it’s about reaching one of the goals we set as every newly created company: validating our idea and our product. And this is what we’ve been into for almost a month now. Those of you who follow, use Funddy or just know us, have received our enthusiasm for knowing how you think Funddy should be. It’s about playing a tennis game and waiting for the ball to come back. And the ball is back.

    For the last month we’ve been cooking our main course. We took out the appetizers of this crowdfunding tool and now we are about to release the main dish which we hope will make us deserve your acceptance.

    All the ingredients have been cherry-picked. Product, development, business, communication… All of them to make it possible for us to bring you a Funddy version capable of meeting your needs, your way… /spoiler/.

    And like every other cheff around the globe, we cook over low heat because we want to make that dish you are going to enjoy in a few weeks to be what you really wanted from Funddy. You will tell that some of the suggestions you made (both online and offline) are in this “brand new” Funddy. This is the most important for us, making crowdfunding use crowdsourcing to improve.

    And for finishing, and here comes another spoiler. From now on we are going to change our surnames. We will be CREWfunding. And what does this mean? wait for our dish and taste it yourself.

    We hope you like it. Don’t get lost, Funddy is about to change, and will do it really soon.

  5. 11 Apr 2013

    Facebook. Useful and Secure, discover why

    From the beginning something has been in our minds. Lots of ideas, searching for feedback and ideas from other projects. But in the end we always ended up at the same point: The easiest way to register is via Facebook. And not only that, it’s also a way to verify the user who is creating his campaign here at Funddy.

    Even now that we have already gone live, we still feel some concern about the fact that Facebook is the only way to register in Funddy. Going back to the time we made that decision, we feel the need to to share our thought process.

    When we pictured Funddy we were convinced that promptness and ease of use were key to the service.

    Create, share and raise money instantly.

    And starting from here, we worked on the most likely scenarios to deal with the registration: Fast, Useful, Secure. Fast obviously; it’s really important to make the registration fast. Long forms put people off.

    And you may wonder… Secure?. Well yes. The option that most fits with the ease to share also comes with security to boot.

    Unlike a traditional sign up, Facebook allows you and ourselves to identify you as a real person. We believe this way of treating each other is good for both you and us. We will never publish anything neither on your profile or on your friends’, and you will present yourself to Funddy as someone to get to know. Your followers will know it is you and that means trust, which obviously leads to a more involved audience, and, therefore, to better results for your campaigns. Oh!, and it will only take you 5 seconds…

    And last but not least, useful. Yes, very useful when it comes to sharing, only with your friends. Having connected with Facebook allows you to use, only if you so wish, all of the “sharing” superpowers that Facebook provides its users. Sharing is easy: first your friends and family, to gain confidence, and then to wherever your targets take you. If you already know about Facebook, you already know that, step by step, good results are achieved: Having 10 friends sharing your campaign and boom! you just reached your first thousand people in Facebook

    So the “effort” of logging in with facebook has a fast payoff when you start participating and creating your own campaigns.

    This is our explanation, how we see it, but we are all ears.

  6. 02 Apr 2013

    How much should I ask for?

    As we said in our previous post, our values are: easy, open and secure.

    Today it’s open’s turn because we want to do our best to be a transparent service for everybody. We want you to handle the same information we do and display it on a neat and easily understandable way. This is why, today, we are improving the service and take one step further with our goal calculator, that will help you to estimate your campaign’s goal in the most accurate way, saving you from unpleasant and unexpected last-minute issues.

    Goal Calculator

    What is the goal calculator? How does it work? How are estimations generated?

    First of all, we need to understand how do the service fees work. From every contribution a campaign receives, two small fees will be deducted: Funddy’s 4% and an additional PayPal fee consisting on a 3.4% plus a fixed amount per transaction that will vary depending on the currency and the number of transactions on the destination account, which is the campaign owner’s PayPal account.

    Said this, what the calculator does is an estimation on the number of contributions a campaign is likely to receive based on the goal set and, approximately, suggests a new one taking into account the fees amounts. As the campaign receives more real contributions, the system will use them to compute a new, much more accurate, suggested goal.

    Now you’ll be able to try with different goals and get the recommendation that is more close to the real scenario.

  7. 13 Mar 2013


    We're Open

    You will probably not be familiar with this number, but if you are, please raise your hand! ;-)

    It’s the number of hours (of love) we have put into Funddy. Well, just the first ones. The clock keeps on ticking, but from now on this counter will also be showing hours with real people, with real campaigns. Quite a challenge if we go back to hour 1 when Funddy was first conceived and outlined.

    Even while sleeping we couldn’t stop thinking about what we were up to. Sometimes a nightmare, other times “goose bumps”, and collective craziness many others. From the very beginning, everything, every single bit of this project has been kind of a debate towards building a product with the following values:

    Easy, Open, Secure.

    Now we see it with a bit more perspective, but we, those who take part in Funddy, have a straight-forward way of making our ideas come true. If it’s not easy you just won’t use it. If its hardly understandable, let someone else use it. Obvious! but… What else would you expect from a service?, maybe that it gives you more freedom to use it the way you like, right?. This is not that obvious, because signups, profiles, polls, share processes often get in the way using some of these services. Sigh… we believe that after lots of thinking we have come close to what you expect.

    Furthermore, if there is money involved, we all start feeling some security issues making us hesitate whether or not to click that last button. This is why, without security, without that feeling, none of the above would make any sense.

    3,600 hours later we are presenting Funddy. A service for raising money online for anything you may think of. We are looking forward to helping you on your everyday needs, wherever you have been a hero for collecting other people’s money. How often have you regretted being in charge of collecting money for a night out, a trip…

    Raising money for the “death star” is cool, but doing it to make your dream trip come true or for a friends farewell party is something that seems to be more enjoyable.

    That’s all!. Or we’d rather say, “here is where it all starts”. Use Funddy for whatever you want. Setting your campaign goal and gathering your friends is something we leave up to you. We provide you with the tool that makes being a hero a bit easier and more fun. You probably have thousands of questions, don’t you?. Because we are eager to get your feedback.

    This has just begun. From now on we are working on the upcoming Funddy. But that Funddy will be the sum of the versions each of you is going to make of it. Because it’s cool to say: Funddy, for anything you want.

    Funddy crew :)