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  1. 13 Mar 2013


    We're Open

    You will probably not be familiar with this number, but if you are, please raise your hand! ;-)

    It’s the number of hours (of love) we have put into Funddy. Well, just the first ones. The clock keeps on ticking, but from now on this counter will also be showing hours with real people, with real campaigns. Quite a challenge if we go back to hour 1 when Funddy was first conceived and outlined.

    Even while sleeping we couldn’t stop thinking about what we were up to. Sometimes a nightmare, other times “goose bumps”, and collective craziness many others. From the very beginning, everything, every single bit of this project has been kind of a debate towards building a product with the following values:

    Easy, Open, Secure.

    Now we see it with a bit more perspective, but we, those who take part in Funddy, have a straight-forward way of making our ideas come true. If it’s not easy you just won’t use it. If its hardly understandable, let someone else use it. Obvious! but… What else would you expect from a service?, maybe that it gives you more freedom to use it the way you like, right?. This is not that obvious, because signups, profiles, polls, share processes often get in the way using some of these services. Sigh… we believe that after lots of thinking we have come close to what you expect.

    Furthermore, if there is money involved, we all start feeling some security issues making us hesitate whether or not to click that last button. This is why, without security, without that feeling, none of the above would make any sense.

    3,600 hours later we are presenting Funddy. A service for raising money online for anything you may think of. We are looking forward to helping you on your everyday needs, wherever you have been a hero for collecting other people’s money. How often have you regretted being in charge of collecting money for a night out, a trip…

    Raising money for the “death star” is cool, but doing it to make your dream trip come true or for a friends farewell party is something that seems to be more enjoyable.

    That’s all!. Or we’d rather say, “here is where it all starts”. Use Funddy for whatever you want. Setting your campaign goal and gathering your friends is something we leave up to you. We provide you with the tool that makes being a hero a bit easier and more fun. You probably have thousands of questions, don’t you?. Because we are eager to get your feedback.

    This has just begun. From now on we are working on the upcoming Funddy. But that Funddy will be the sum of the versions each of you is going to make of it. Because it’s cool to say: Funddy, for anything you want.

    Funddy crew :)