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  1. 11 Apr 2013

    Facebook. Useful and Secure, discover why

    From the beginning something has been in our minds. Lots of ideas, searching for feedback and ideas from other projects. But in the end we always ended up at the same point: The easiest way to register is via Facebook. And not only that, it’s also a way to verify the user who is creating his campaign here at Funddy.

    Even now that we have already gone live, we still feel some concern about the fact that Facebook is the only way to register in Funddy. Going back to the time we made that decision, we feel the need to to share our thought process.

    When we pictured Funddy we were convinced that promptness and ease of use were key to the service.

    Create, share and raise money instantly.

    And starting from here, we worked on the most likely scenarios to deal with the registration: Fast, Useful, Secure. Fast obviously; it’s really important to make the registration fast. Long forms put people off.

    And you may wonder… Secure?. Well yes. The option that most fits with the ease to share also comes with security to boot.

    Unlike a traditional sign up, Facebook allows you and ourselves to identify you as a real person. We believe this way of treating each other is good for both you and us. We will never publish anything neither on your profile or on your friends’, and you will present yourself to Funddy as someone to get to know. Your followers will know it is you and that means trust, which obviously leads to a more involved audience, and, therefore, to better results for your campaigns. Oh!, and it will only take you 5 seconds…

    And last but not least, useful. Yes, very useful when it comes to sharing, only with your friends. Having connected with Facebook allows you to use, only if you so wish, all of the “sharing” superpowers that Facebook provides its users. Sharing is easy: first your friends and family, to gain confidence, and then to wherever your targets take you. If you already know about Facebook, you already know that, step by step, good results are achieved: Having 10 friends sharing your campaign and boom! you just reached your first thousand people in Facebook

    So the “effort” of logging in with facebook has a fast payoff when you start participating and creating your own campaigns.

    This is our explanation, how we see it, but we are all ears.