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  1. 20 Jan 2015

    Funddy is for everybody

    Throughout this year and a half we have been working to create the easiest way to raise money.

    In our way, and thanks to the valuable feedback you have sent us while creating your campaigns, we have discovered that many organizations ask us for fee-free non-profit campaigns. We have made a close follow-up to all the campaigns has been quite an experience. After a long process we have come to a powerful conclussion: Funddy needs to be for everybody. We are unable to use words to explain how proud it feels when it comes to helping other people. We have come across really emotive stories, from the most dramatic to the everyday action. There is social attitude in the campaigns, willing to change the world for the better, something we were not expecting, but something we understand because you have made us yours.

    Today we are making our most radical bet so far: remove every single plan and fee. Funddy settles as a service for everybody, free and secure.

    Like many other entrepreneurs around the globe, we want to make the world a better place, and be part of this change. This is why, today, Funddy is for everybody. Our best reward would be to be more widely used, to share your excitement with your friends and family. To make Funddy reach every corner in the planet with no need to buzz, just being there for its best virtue, being there for raising money for anything you may need.

    We expect your support. We are motivated to make Funddy belong to everyone and, starting today, using it, on top of being useful and fun, being also absolutely free. Let’s hope your 2015 birthday, your birthday sweepstake, your summer party and any other event that needs some communication and funds management hub usses Funddy as it’s best ally. You’ll have the money and you’ll be connected with your people.

    Happy 2015 to our more than 2000 users. We hope to beat our 1400 campaigns from 2014.

    Thank you all, we are counting on your support!