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  1. 02 Apr 2013

    How much should I ask for?

    As we said in our previous post, our values are: easy, open and secure.

    Today it’s open’s turn because we want to do our best to be a transparent service for everybody. We want you to handle the same information we do and display it on a neat and easily understandable way. This is why, today, we are improving the service and take one step further with our goal calculator, that will help you to estimate your campaign’s goal in the most accurate way, saving you from unpleasant and unexpected last-minute issues.

    Goal Calculator

    What is the goal calculator? How does it work? How are estimations generated?

    First of all, we need to understand how do the service fees work. From every contribution a campaign receives, two small fees will be deducted: Funddy’s 4% and an additional PayPal fee consisting on a 3.4% plus a fixed amount per transaction that will vary depending on the currency and the number of transactions on the destination account, which is the campaign owner’s PayPal account.

    Said this, what the calculator does is an estimation on the number of contributions a campaign is likely to receive based on the goal set and, approximately, suggests a new one taking into account the fees amounts. As the campaign receives more real contributions, the system will use them to compute a new, much more accurate, suggested goal.

    Now you’ll be able to try with different goals and get the recommendation that is more close to the real scenario.