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  1. 19 Aug 2013

    Raise money in group (for everything), Easy!


    Here you have it, your new crewfunding site. The service that enables you to gather the money from your friends, family or work partners for those things that come across your head.

    This is our goal: When you think of something that needs money from different people, from now on, you have the option: Do we funddy?

    We have worked in all the product lines in order to improve and adapt better to our idea of close tool, easy, secure and simple.

    So, we are presenting the first changes to you:

    1. Plans for everything, for everybody.
    2. Design and functionality.

    But this is not it, we are getting much more things ready. Among them a PRO version that will be awesome and we’re sure you’ll love, because it has everything you have asked for.

    We are also working on two things that will make us to be even closer to you. A mobile version of Funddy and a new plan, dedicated to those of you who have your e-commerce business. We believe this last thing is going to be a big contribution to group payments.

    Now it’s time to try it. Don't be afraid of thinking about it. Just take advante of the fact that Funddy already exists and set up that weekend party, gather together the family for grandpa’s gift, prepare your charitable event... you have tons of reasons to use it, but you need just one to understand why you need it.

    Try it now!