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  1. 14 Aug 2013

    Ready, Steady…


    Hi again, this is the last call for the Funddy users. Next station, new funddy.

    We are quite anxious and we want you to know. After lots of hour of work, dealing with customer journey, UX and many other product development tasks, we are, at last, ready to release something we feel really proud of.

    New Funddy, alike many big products cliché, keeps the best of it’s older version (security and speed) and improves, counting on your suggestions, the key factor: OPEN.

    We are ready to deliver, within the following days, a new version of Funddy which we believe will make lots of people happy. A much closer Funddy, meant to be the tool that really solves your group payments. We think we have met of our current and future users use cases. We have tried to build a tool based on the power of the social circles (friends, fools & family), which is part of our everyday life. We are confident on the power that Crowdfunding has, but when it comes to personal funding, the power is in the circles. They will be the first to help us, to join us in our holidays or supporting our cause. We know that for starting a business, creating products and supporting organisations there are two ways: big amounts of anonymous people or big amounts of people that know each others. One is the base of the Crowdfunding and the other one is our way: crewfunding.

    We believe Funddy is born to help you, with your personal stuff, or professional ones, being the tool that perfectly fits, not being too simple and not being too complex. It just fits your needs. And, what is most important, it’s both capable of giving you the same results while making your dream come true and when it comes to paying for the christmas dinner.

    And how do we make all this possible with one single service?

    Well, you’ll have to wait a few hours, or imagine it while it arrives.