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  1. 27 Jun 2013

    We are cooking

    Quite a long time ago (almost a month) we have not given people anything to talk about. And the reason is we are cooking an order.

    Yes, it’s about reaching one of the goals we set as every newly created company: validating our idea and our product. And this is what we’ve been into for almost a month now. Those of you who follow, use Funddy or just know us, have received our enthusiasm for knowing how you think Funddy should be. It’s about playing a tennis game and waiting for the ball to come back. And the ball is back.

    For the last month we’ve been cooking our main course. We took out the appetizers of this crowdfunding tool and now we are about to release the main dish which we hope will make us deserve your acceptance.

    All the ingredients have been cherry-picked. Product, development, business, communication… All of them to make it possible for us to bring you a Funddy version capable of meeting your needs, your way… /spoiler/.

    And like every other cheff around the globe, we cook over low heat because we want to make that dish you are going to enjoy in a few weeks to be what you really wanted from Funddy. You will tell that some of the suggestions you made (both online and offline) are in this “brand new” Funddy. This is the most important for us, making crowdfunding use crowdsourcing to improve.

    And for finishing, and here comes another spoiler. From now on we are going to change our surnames. We will be CREWfunding. And what does this mean? wait for our dish and taste it yourself.

    We hope you like it. Don’t get lost, Funddy is about to change, and will do it really soon.